effects of news of death

It’s amazing the effect death has on one. Or rather the differencehaving met someone makes in the news of death of someone. When i heard my manager’s husband killed himself, was sad for him.

When I heard prabhu, a guy i met at CTC during the yercaud cycling trip, died during another trek, it has upset me long enough to disrupt my work for the day so far. (4-5 hours) .
And am sure, it will get back to me again some time during the week. one of the first thoughts is damn, it could have been me running away from bees and falling into a pool. and drowning.

The more i think about it, the more i am puzzled by the affect this guy’s death raises/arouses in me. I did not know him very well, we met on that cycling trip, and i’ve been out of touch with him after that. He was one of the first bunch to notice me i had fallen and hurt myself, after i was back on the bike and these guys caught up with me.

Maybe, that’s why. the simple act of noticing torn pyjamas and enquiring about it, must have had an impact. Hmm. interesting.

Infact, so much so that, i want to go and meet his parents, but realize, i can’t say much. Usually, these cases, people say their experiences with the dead person,(biased in a positive light ),.

One part, was that i don’t know swimming and i go to treks. Another was the realization of my own mortality.

Not to mention, i was up till 0500 in the morning watching human anatomy videos, cutting and taking apart, cadavers and explaining what happens.

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