programming abstractions

I remember my first program in C. I remember my self-chosen first programming challenge, write a image processing library in C++ and learn C++ on the way.. Duh.. how naive was i.

Once upon a time i did imagine that new programming languages will make it easier and simpler, how naive was I.

Now 12 years on from when I first learnt C, i see myself still running into frustrating, stuck dead-ends, it actually seems i run into the more often than I used to when i started, funny.. But as joel puts it here, new programming languages don’t make the learning curve shorter or easier. They just make it easier to deal with higher complexity programming projects.

Anyway, right now am stuck at the abstraction level of nagios nrpe application/daemon trying to connect.

And what do i do? i take a break go home.. do nonsense and other stuff and then come back.. I end up getting exhausted or frustrated by the sheer volume and variety of open-source software out there. begin to lose interest in figuring out all those, especially since technology seems to be coming out very very fast. Decidi i should go back to math and work on it.. duh..

But overall it has been an interesting experience so far and good training. one of the next things i need to do is quit the GUI for most of my focused work-mode.. the window focus changing si too demanding and distracting if i have to think deeply. I am beginning to understand why so many people working on multilpe languages and stuff, use the console mode for work.

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