thoughts on s/w is eating the world

Marc Andreeson: in his interview reiterates his 3 forms of thesis on software is eating the world (weak, strong, strongest). I think the strongest form is where it will take the longest time period to come to frutition. Honestly,I have no hopes of seeing it in my lifetime. I think there are a lot of revolutionary changes in transportation, material science, etc.. for that to become true. I am thinking in terms of the logistics of materials problem. That problem needs a lot of basic science revolutions to improve.

The weak form i think is already underway and peak within 5-10 years(aka, within the decade). The strong form is what i find very intriguing, as it can have a big impact on my life, and i can do something about it. It basically says software is going to dominate other industries outside of the software industry.

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