flashing my sony neo V phone

In a fit of bravery/stupidity(you pick :)), i decided to flash my phone with cyanogenmod. and being the naive idiot i am ended up with something that just doesn’t boot and seems to get stuck at the boot screen splash page with FreeXperia logo. After some more mistakes(i.e using haida vs hallon etc..) i finally got some boot.img flashed that lets me login and make changes via the clockwork mod recovery manager at boot time. but still despite trying a few other images, i can’t get to a bootable OS. After lots of search, download, install, boot, and failures, i decided enough is enough, it’s time to try my hand and building an OS from source. I remembered my love for mozilla and decided to try Firefox OS. Unfortunately my device is not supported. Darn. not to be disappointed, i decided, i’ll come back and figure out how to port it to my phone, when i have understood how to figure out the debugging tools on boot and see what’s happening on the phone. Anyway, i come across this and i hit the jackpot…* Ok, i need to figure out the toolchain for cross-compiling to ARM architecture from my x86_64 arch machine, but then i already have a whole set of kvms and virtualization packages installed, i guess it wouldn’t be too hard huh?? Also this seems relevant.. Oops that repo seems to have gone. but this does seem relevant And this is positively cool.. http://www.gnuarm.com/ArmDevices_frame.html * — Hmm. that doesn’t seem to have a default config for neo V MT11i which is nicknamed haida, it seems to have a default config for hallon though. Wonder if i should spend time building the kernel on that or figure out the configs for my device. Oh well let me write to that guy. Crap that blog comments doesn’t work, throws me some php error dang.. P.S: that firefox OS repo sync keeps running forever… damn.. UPDATE – 28-01-2013: Ok enough is enough.. no more undocumented half asleep installation attempts and moaning.. Now it’s 0048 hrs am downloading cyanogenmod-9.1.0-haida.zip for ericsson neo V. Ok i got it and put in the sdcard and used the install from sdcard option by booting into cwm recovery mode. I got an error as follows: “assert failed: getprop(“ro.product.device”) == “MT11i” ||getprop(“ro.build.product”) == “MT11i” || == “MT11a”, || ==”haida” ” Ok clearly either my belief that i bought the MT11i neo V sony experia phone is wrong or something got changed when i unlocked the bootloader and put in a boot.img from a cm.zip file. Whatever am now trying to flash a new boot.img from my new download zip file. Mainly because the probability of me being stupid and having flashed the wrong image file is higher than remembering the model name wrong..:-) and ran into trouble getting adb running on my 64bit trisquel box. Damn it.. turns out adb binaries are by default 32 bit damn it.. still came across this and i learnt about objdump cool. 0210 hrs Okay done with flashing the new cm9 haida boot.img.. fastboot boot boot.img.. Now it seems to stuck at the freeXperia boot screen and i can’t seem to get into the cwm mode. 0213 hrs.. OOps same error again.. Hmm brain’s on strike, time to take a nap.. 0229 hrs.. Ok last sane try, before i go home and sleep… atleast now i know i have the right boot.img. it has been neo V device am sure of that.. time to try editing the updater file as mentioned here.

Ok still installation aborted only this time no error message. Ok that’s it, i give up.. am going to sleep and trying this some other time tommorrow.

0341 hrs..
Finally at the haida cm-10 circling animation logo.. it was haida alright just had to get the cm-10 and update the boot.img too.. cool.. am in..