Disclaimer: I have never undertaken it professionally, the rest of the post is just a mix of speculation, and hunches based on personal anecdotal experience.

I have always been suspicious of long-term effectiveness of CBT.
I suspect I learnt some rudimentary form of CBT from my culture, that is an attitude of choosing to one’s emotion/affect in the face of difficulties and choosing to focus on what can be done about it.

But at some point(about 5-6 years ago) i began questioning whether that
And when i found out about IFS about a year and half ago, i was like, this is f**#$ brilliant idea, it could work better.

Anyways, it struck me today as i was reading these lesswrong sequences and came across this one happy death spiral. I think CBT or whatever i practiced, would work to save disaster at the moment but later on, would lead to an affect spiral. either negative or positive and more often alternating sequence of both. In fact it led a friend to call me as showing signs of schizoid..

But over the last couple of years, with intermittent self-application of IFS and Vipassana, i have concluded two things:
1. Am better off trying to use the principles of IFS, when i find a troublesome decision with unclear/muddy outcomes.
2. Tyrosine/dopamine, am better off maintaining or ensuring some base level of Tyrosine in my daily diet.(probably milk )
3. And may be sneak in chocolate once in a week or so? i think there would be a qualitative change in the my quality of life, thinking and decision-making.

UPDATE 05-Jun-2013: Ok observations on the dopamine thing so far, clearly, low dopamine diet days lead to high auditory sensitivity, traffic noise, fan motor noise etc.. on the other hand it does seem to help focus. Time to get dopamine once in two days and get into an exercise routine to see what happens..

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