Building IronPython on ubuntu 13.04 with mono

In another of those obviously pointless, crazy ideas* i come up with, i decided that since Ubuntu supports mono and C# programming via that, i need to install Iron python on my Ubuntu 13.04 box.(That poor laptop will cry out if it could, my old one certainly did).

Anyways i found this so dutifully did run apt-get install ironpython, apparently that package is not available in my current software sources repo. OK time to figure out where it is available and add that source repo, in the mean time i can also put in a git clone as mentioned here See am skeptic it will work out of the box even if i find a software source and install ironpython from there..

That blog post mentions pypy and jython as other implementations and refers to both jython and ironpython as GIL less.. Oh cool, ofcourse i have to try jython now what choice do i have ? **dramatic brow rise** :-)
and jython works out fine with no problems at all. i download the standalone jar file and run it as
java -jar and it just starts up the python interpreter shell, no complaints at all… Wow..i was expecting some problems there..

Turns out ironpython is weird. The standard make all runs with a lot of messages a few seem to be warnings but overall reports a success with 0 errors.
Yet according to this there must be a couple .exe’s under bin/ of the source folder, but there isn’t.

Hmm. something fishy.. Turns out they are just under the folder bin/Debug/ipy.exe and running with mono ipy.exe works and gives a python shell.. impressive.. still can’t find the ir.exe, but given i was just testing out the building part, i’ll stop and conclude the experiment here..


* — generally inspired by some blog post and in this specific case inspired by this one.

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