interview fuckup

Phew that went bad(rancid?) quicker than i expected. I sent her the one page resume, since it’s a startup,
and usually they don’t have the patience to look at a 4 page resume, and prefer to construct their own story out of github and other profiles.
I made the mistake writing the subject of the mail as Product designer –python instead developer, even though that was the ad i had seen.
She wrote back pointing out my profile is interesting but matches developer.
and then asking a few questions about career plans for 1-2 years. reason for short job stints in the past etc..
I answered, and get a reply asking if i have seen their work, I reply, i haven’t tried it out but summarize what i understand to be the basic pitch.
She drops a rude reply, that if am looking for technical challenges, i ought to look deeper into company sites etc..
Damn it, am tempted to write piss off, stupid bitch, but assume there’s been some miscommunication,
and write back saying, I applied because i saw your site and thought, you could use some graph theory applications and NLP too.
but it seems we don’t have skillset match. She replies it’s more of an attitude mismatch.
What the Fuck? i agree.. i would hate working with that childish, arrogant bitch.
If she can’t think of a better question than, “Have i seen her product”, she doesn’t deserve a better answer than “Suggestions for smarter networking”
or something along the lines.
and then it’s an attitude problem. it has taken out all of my civility reserves to just reply ‘ as you say madam’

Apparently this is the CEO. Am really tempted to publish the full email thread and identifying details, partly out of spite and partly out of a need to leave my biased interpretation open to criticism.

Bah.. i know startups are hard pressed and heavily under pressure, but now i also know, why some smart academics, don’t go into business.

Phew.. that was exasperating… am not sure i should be publishing this either… Damn it..

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