What do teachers make??

What Teachers make?? …. —
TLDR: Think of the children. Check out the zenpencils.com link.

This makes me sad, when i think about the general attitude towards school, and a generic, one size fits all teaching method being forced upon our teachers, by those so called educators and education scientists(backed by half-assed statistics i may add). Am more and more convinced that a majority of education will now happen outside classrooms for the foreseeable future. Taught by or rather learnt by students from onlookers, parents, and relatives who for the most part are not thinking about the lessons they are imparting.

The real question is, are we(as a society) aware of that responsibility, to act in ways that will pass on only our best to the next generation? If so, i don’t think we are acting like it. So the next question, is is this what we want to teach?  I sometimes think we are teaching our kids that it’s ok to pass on blame and responsibility, while demanding for rights and service too much. 

No wonder some people at Ayn Rand Institute talk about “Entitlement Generation”. 

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