Common startup mistakes

Dear Indian Startups with scaling problems:

1.Excuse is not a solution. (‘Startups are chaotic’, is an excuse, and does not solve any problems.)
2.Funding != Revenue
3.Survival !==> Growth

4.Employees get the short stick or draw the short straw in most startups.(i.e:Limited max benefits*, and quite an amount of loss(more than monetary, time, energy etc.)), So try to find other ways to compensate.
5.The employment contract is like postpaid. The employee comes in to work and gets things done over a month and gets paid after.
(which is another downside(to employee,but upside to employer) of the standard employment + payment structure. ).
Keep that in mind when you form policies to stop payment on the employee giving notice etc, perhaps more importantly before sending an employment offer,pick a temporary offer if you are not comfortable.(aka, fucking think about all implications of your choices when making policies that affect all the company)
In other words, your internal policies are what make the tradeoff between customers vs employees, sales vs engineering etc… Make sure you consider them(tradeoffs) carefully and they align with your goals.

6.If you want to manage your programmer like a Machine Shop(i.e: blindly borrowing management principles from the assembly line) worker, then don’t be surprised when they act like one.
7.If you say “I don’t think “, when you really mean “I can’t imagine why “, you are miscommunicating(aka perjury in legal parlance).(that can be a decision, heuristic, idea, etc.)

8.There are certain assumptions a software engineer makes. Like,
a,the office space is quiet enough here one’s self think.
b,The colleagues understanding and knowledge is within a reasonable difference(> or <) between the self.

9. Shifting the burden of proof/blame not equal to open discussion/culture.
* — Am assuming no stock options.

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