PG’s post on startup trends.

And paulgraham is an optimist and believes total economic activity(productive output??) will only grow in the future.. hmm..
Am reading his post on trends in startups. and i still think his optimism is closer to the truth.
the reasoning he gives for his conclusion is via negativa, but most likely i like optimism is why i agree, any case.
I also realize the reason i like his posts so much, he knows the basic math of stats and calculus,
and better can express his opinions and ideas about trends in reasonably simple words, though,
i think his avoidance of equations makes his posts a little verbose, but it is perhaps justified(nay pragmatic), given the math hate/fear that prevails and topics he writes on.

Like a lot of bad things, this didn’t happen intentionally.

He’s definitely an optimist :-P,
I would have interpreted,Series A investors wanting to invest a minimal amount of the company stock’s worth as definitely malicious planning, but then i have no real experience.

You can’t fight market forces forever.

, That’s a great quote for any article on economy.

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