Bollywood’s new trend of movies/plots have that strong derived from U.S feel.
There’s zombie movies like(Go,Goa,Gone), there’s teen flicks like (Yeh jawaani hai deewani).
I haven’t come across any coming of age movies, or teen spy movies but suspect they too are in order fairly soon.
There’s the mass,mindless cultural import from U.S (probably of 90s??).
Anyway, one good thing it might bring about is some changes in the taboo about sex.
Not sure, how exactly it’s going to play out, but expect teen pregnancies making headlines in 5 years time.
(Expect a Juno remake in 10 years time)
Am very very sure, there’s a part and bunch going on the liberal route, and drugs route*.
The perhaps good side of all this is, if it works out exactly the U.S path, we would find some trade booms.
Specifically in luxury trips, higher-priced trek gear, etc.
The downside is a lot of these are exploiting naive optimism of the early adult generation coming to pass.

Ofcourse, as one can expect, love,meaning and search for these concepts(rather haphazardly defined)
are the core of so many plots.

All of these being the signs of a generation looking for external validation and source of inspiration and motivation.

The irony being, the modern world is full of lack of these.

Typically this movie(Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani), has a love story, an almost marriage, duh so very stereotypical.
Hopefully not a happy ending with a lived happily forever story, but all signs suggest it’s gonna end like that.

For the record,I watch these for the guitar.

* — Go,Goa,Gone comes with a #drugsarebad moral. Banal I must add.:-)