Urlshortener in python

I attempted this(url shortener) project as a kind of a dare. Over a lunch one day, atul casually commented that a url shortener,

would be a ten minute work for someone like you and a blog about it would make a nice fit for my site.

I was not sure it’s a 10 minute work, but sounded like a small fun project for weekend attempts.

It took more than half a day, for me to be content(not happy, but just content) with the resulting work.

Nevertheless, it was time well spent. Here’s the link to the actual project.<a href=”https://github.com/emofeedback/urlshortener”&gt;


Few clarifications about some choices(should i call it software engineering??):

  1. Redis because it’s extremely efficient, stays in RAM, and has some unconfirmed reports of being used to power china’s internal twitter clone.
  2. RAM based data base means lower latency, as opposed to a disk+ cache based database, but needs higher RAM.
  3. Used 5 chars, because, well the internet is big, and thought it’s a good number to cover most unique urls.(especially, when combined with the 78 chars allowed for url, i.e: 5^78) Thanks to a colleague’s suggestion for the idea, i was thinking about hashing/random before his suggestion.
  4.  A hash map of shortened url-> original url and original url -> shortened url was kinda against my idea. I still keep thinking this is too much memory, we should find a different way. I think if I take away the use-case of already shortened url, being submitted for new shortening, should return, I can eliminate the original url -> shortened url hash map.
  1. To check if a new original url has already been shortened, the hyperloglog comes to the rescue. Just pass it through the HLL algorithm and see if it returns True and False.
  2. From the UI point, well i just put up a minimal html form to take a original url and return a json.
  3. Yet to do, add a proper fabric script to setup virtualenv, python packages, redis install and nginx config and restart nginx.

You can see it live here.

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