Common startup mistakes — v2.0

I thought my previous post here, was rather reactive, and felt I could write a lot better, so here’s an attempt instead of overwriting it and pretending to look better.

1.Excuse is not a solution. (‘Startups are chaotic’, is an excuse, and does not solve any problems.)

Well, that’s an easy one. It is the difference between trying and doing.

2.Funding != Revenue
3.Survival !==> Growth

That should be self-explanatory.

6.If you want to manage your programmer like a Machine Shop(i.e: blindly borrowing management principles from the assembly line) worker, then don’t be surprised when they act like one.

To put another way, if you are trying to measure your programmer’s productivity, make sure whatever measurement(time ass in seats/lines of code etc..) you pick is in line with your goals, instead of picking one from another field blindly, because it’s already there. If you don’t think about what kind of behaviour it rewards, and what kind of behaviour it discourages, don’t be surprised with the results.

Umm.. this is embarassing, am not sure the rest of the post needs further re-write, more because they’re not even separate reduced(non-overlapping) concepts..
ah well.
However a lot of these boil down to checking the joel spolsky 12 step test.

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