How (not?) to be decision mechanic:


 *-- This is a summary of all my experience(working in various roles in various startups/small companies, not specific to any one experience)
 * -- I've argued with founders being a early engineer, I've argued with line-managers in a >1000 person organization, but have been successful convincing the decision-makers less than 50% of the decisions. So the end of the day, [skin-in-the-game](, might be a a much bigger impact on persuasion ability than anything below, but what's below can't hurt.
* -- This was inspired by the types of data scientist post [this]( but I've always thought of myself as a [generalist](

To do:

* -- Follow the [5W-1H](
* -- Ask about the if-else decision-action tree the decision maker(s) with most
  "skin-in-the-game" will have to use.*
* -- Proposing any potential/possible alternatives to the decision-action tree above is the
  job of an analyst, if you're playing that role make it clear, it is a role-playing you're
  doing rather than primary responsiblity tied to your performance evaluations.
* -- When? well, leave it completely  to the Decision Maker and suggestions from the
  statisticians and data scientists(based on forecasting models perhaps??) Try not to play
  too many roles, you're likely to make more mistakes that way.

* -- Where? This is something you can try your hand, but i highly recommend testing the
  waters well, ideally, this would be decided, by a combination of data visualization
  experts/analysts + decision maker + statisticians.
* -- How? Leave this completely to the Data Scientists and S/W Architects and others with
  stake in the outcomes.
* -- Why?? Now this is your complete responsibility, Make sure you don't make any mistakes
  on this area. The biggest advice I can give on avoiding mistakes on this is that don't
  take your eyes of the [0th and 1st virtues of rationality](
  Make you balance both your curiousity and focus, The rest of the virtues are important
  too, but personally I find mistakes originating from failure to focus on balancing 0th and

That’s all folks, Hope you’ve a good set of adventures.

  • — Some of them may not like to think about this before or commit to a decision tree, you’ll have
    to ask, but might have to settle for a “gut instinct” answers for a few scenarios you can imagine.

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