Well, i am a mechanic first, then an engineer, and after that in some order, i don’t know yet a scientist, artist, philosopher, spiritualist, mathematician. Am sure about the sequence of the first two(mechanic and engineer) and figuring out the rest so far i know i am trying to push philosophy to the last. Do note that i haven’t mentioned any area/subject and that’s on purpose, because i think am a generalist* for the most part.

Always hungry for better systems, better self,better world, better communication, better processes etc….
Better, varies among the dimensions of precision,speed and reliability, depending upon circumstances.

Hell, sometimes i even fancy myself an amazing story-teller, that travels around the world earning his keep by telling stories.

This blog is mostly focused on me and my experiments. Topics keep varying.. but my ideas and thoughts tend to run in circles returning to few areas. Will name them once i write more regularly.

Be warned, though, i don’t like the wordpress editing interface, so don’t expect much formatting.

Huge fan of lesswrong and attempting to be as rational in my decisions as much as possible.

Roles played: Hired translator**,Hired skill-worker insurance,

My traffic so far has been from long tail obscure searches from search engines, and i don’t know whether it will work for me to post regularly, but my habits currently indicate that i end up posting atleast once a month, though it may not be one single coherent post.

You can find some of my opensource projects in the following links.

My resume can be found Here

The job I would like to have.
1. github


Disclaimer: All that you find on this blog are my personal viewpoints. And are not the reflection of anything else except may be my experiences. They do not represent my employer,my cook, my mentors or anybody else. Hell, it may not even represent my personality, attitude, skill or any other emergent properties with non-operationalized definition of a measure.

If you quote me out of context, i will find a way to hang,draw and quarter you in public. if i have to transport you to a parallel universe(because you know there’s such a thing called law in ours), well i’ll figure out what quantum mechanics has to say about that experiment.

* – Did i mention i have a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering and a master’s in cognitive science?? In reality i find myself returning to a few themes around trans-humanism, rationalism, cognitive-modeling etc will narrow this topics down as i write more often….Do read that link for a analogous personality.

** — Usually, varies from half-written func. spec to code, or in some cases, one programming language to another.

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