Favourite quotes

Heilmeier’s Catechism

A set of questions credited to Heilmeier that anyone proposing a research project or product
development effort should be able to answer.[1]
What are you trying to do? Articulate your objectives using absolutely no jargon.
How is it done today, and what are the limits of current practice?
What’s new in your approach and why do you think it will be successful?
Who cares?
If you’re successful, what difference will it make?
What are the risks and the payoffs?
How much will it cost?
How long will it take?
What are the midterm and final “exams” to check for success?

~George H Heilmeier(as found on wikipedia)

“Every thought you produce, anything you say, any action you do, it bears your signature.” ~Thich
Nhat Hanh

“Happily ever after” isn’t how it works. I don’t mean we can’t be happy. I mean it’s an insufficient
description of “ever after” —
“Look… part of the trick of doing the impossible is being selective about which impossibilities
you challenge, and only trying when you have a special advantage. ~ Harry Potter (HPMOR)

Many things are approximately normal in the middle but not in the tails. ~ @ProbFact(tweet)

We who are traumatized are unpredictable, because we know we can survive. ~ Hannibal

Being useful is hard. It means accepting people’s requirements. ~ Daniel Lemire

############# WORM quotes #####

“I don’t have to help you,” she said. “I’m not a good guy. I’m not a bad guy. I’m done working for other people, answering their questions when I don’t want to. I work for me, and for everyone.”
~Dinah Alcott

“So you’re following orders,” I said. “That’s the worst and scariest excuse in the world, really”
~Taylor Hebert”

“Yes,” she said. Again, there was no hesitation. ”There’s no pretty, perfect answers, and concessions have to be made. Questions and issues on a greater scale mean more repercussions for failure, and they call for bigger concessions if we want to ensure success.”
~Miss Militia

For long seconds, I couldn’t think, but could only experience,
could only feel every part of my body hurt, aches and pains I didn’t know I had magnified by the jolt.
~Weaver(Skitter aka Taylor Hebert)

Any device requires a great deal of upkeep. Time is spent tuning, calibrating, repairing and identifying problems.
Each device created is something the tinker then has to take time to maintain,
and mass production means the tinker becomes tech support more than an innovator.

I’d learned things, but did that count for anything in the now, with tens, hundreds or thousands of individuals dying where they might have lived if we’d stayed?

“Maybe not so. Maybe. But you have tried being cold. Killing the enemy, yes? Because ruthless is only way to win this war.”
~Phir se

““My old team wasn’t nearly as effective as you guys seem to be. But we operated in secret, we understood some key elements. The need for information, having to know when to go on the offense, being unpredictable against enemies who are already expecting you to try and catch them off guard.”

“Faith works.”

“I have none left, after ten years. No faith. We are a wretched, petty species, and we have been given power to destroy ourselves with.”
~Phir se

“What merit is a gamble, a sacrifice, if you stake things that matter nothing to you?”
~Phir se

“Favors make for a good currency,” the Doctor said.

“See, I don’t think it’s the wrong power in the wrong hands,” Clockblocker said.
“I think it’s a joke. Humanity destroys itself, and all these powers, they just open the door to let it happen.
It’s not going to be some villain overlord or even a monster like Jack who does it.
I’m more liable to believe the world ends because of some deluded, fat, pimply faced punk kid that lives off pizza and mountain dew.
There’s no damn point to it, but sometimes I look at the idiots,
the selfish assholes and the maniacs that fill this world and I think that’s all we deserve.”

An explanation would suck. Give me a little hope.”

Information overload during sex is squick.”

“Everything I’ve said in the past stands. Humans are idiots.
They’re selfish and injust and unfair, they’re violent and clumsy and petty and shortsighted.
Don’t get me wrong. Every part of that applies to me, too. I’m not setting myself above them on any level.”
~Taylor Hebert

“Capes don’t retire,” Shadow Stalker said. “Doesn’t work. We die in battle or we lose our minds, one or the other.”

“They say loneliness breeds the best masters, and it’s awfully lonely at the top,” Tattletale said.

“Yes,” he sighed the word. “Yes. Of course. I’m mentally exhausted, I’m being stubborn.”

“Don’t blame us for not taking your plans into account, when you don’t share your plans with
anyone.” ~ Tattletale

Sure, but you can’t have too many people with the lenses on the same team,
or you look like you’ve got a theme, and only the lame-ass teams do that. ~Tattletale

“Conceit is a good trait to have,” I said.
“An overblown sense of one’s own abilities can be worthwhile, if you’re prepared to try to live up to it.”
~Taylor Hebert

I really didn’t need any head games, intentional or otherwise.
~Taylor Hebert

“Hey,” Imp said. “You’re not allowed to say nice things about people. You shot my brother with an arrow, messed with people I respect. I’ve been waiting for that cinematic moment when you and I find ourselves alone and I get my revenge. Don’t fucking dilute it by being nice.”

~Imp(Aisha )

“No plan survives contact with the enemy,” Lung rumbled. “Foolish.”

“We don’t have reason to trust you,” the Doctor said.
“We’ve interacted, Weaver, I have a level of respect for you, but that doesn’t extend to equal measures of trust.
You’re dangerous, and I can’t rule out that this is an assassination attempt.”

Translation: pure denial. You don’t want to believe me.
~ Taylor Hebert

I could infer, rather than see, that he dropped a vial.
It hit the ground and shattered, the contents splashing out onto the ground and the walls. ~Taylor Hebert

“My mistakes do not tear it down. They are a part of me, but they are not the most important part of me.”

“I’m not. Wussiness is being scared about something that isn’t scary.
I think it’s perfectly reasonable to have a thing about shoddy constructions and drops from… oh… seventy stories up?” ~Alexandria(Pretender)

It could upset him, more than he’s already been upset.
Speaking as someone who recently recovered the thing I want most in the world,
the only thing scarier than the idea of losing that thing is the reality of what I’d do for revenge. ~Marquis

There’s a strength in knowing who you are. I would suggest that everyone play to that knowledge.
Reflection, after all, is the province of the old.
It’s in your final days that you sum up your experiences, weigh the good against the bad,
think back to the pivotal moments, and decide if you’ve made your mark.
Others go through this sooner, the terminally ill. Those that expect to die. ~Marquis

Let’s just say you make a decision by yourself, and then you use others to get help carrying it out.
That’s not really you asking for help, is it? ~TattleTale

The world didn’t fucking make sense. People didn’t make sense. I’d been railing against it from the beginning.
~Skitter(After that fatal brain surgery?)

I knew this fear well. It was a fear that was all too easy to fall into when one’s focus was too narrow. To be caught up in an environment, facing down a relentless torrent of negative experiences. Even the minor things added up, if you couldn’t step back to look at things in perspective. ~Damaged Skitter(on Scion)

I’d seen good people go bad, couldn’t trust anyone.
~Damaged Skitter

And you’re acting like I should be able to read something in your silence. The problem is that speech needs periods of silence to be intelligible, to separate the words and keep it from being a steady drone of noise.
To frame it. The opposite is true. To find the meaning in what’s left unsaid, we need words to punctuate it. ~Jessica Yamada

What goes unsaid eventually goes unthought. ~Steve Sailer

Real is a matter of perception ~ Peter Bishop(Fringe)