Programming languages — a comparison

Disclaimer: This is just an adhoc collection of things i have observed, while using or playing around with these languages. I have used only a couple of these in professional capacity, rest all mostly playing around during my school or college days or my free time. I don’t even guarantee i’ll try to sincere..

Hardly up to date, or thorough, read it with all caveat emptor you have.

It’s like climbing up huffing and puffing over a mountain, only to find a slab of ten commandments that tell you what rules to follow. Damn all that hardwork only to learn more rules.. meh.. am out..

JVM and it’s near native speed of execution

The huge library set that needs to be learnt.(Might not be a problem with the IDE but i never got the hang of these feature-rich IDEs).
The semantics for that library set, which are hardly intuitive for a newbie with solid math background, but little Java experience.

Baan V:
It’s partly like C(having been based on it), but a good description would be a scene from “Saw” movie. Sawing off your own leg, only with a very dull saw, simply to escape death.

It’s like a map that’s as close as google earth images, and some routes(google maps?), a lot of options, but no labels. It’s easy to get lost(not in the sense of not getting shit done, but in the sense of growth as a developer).

Strong Libraries and toolkits
package management is smooth(once you get used to it)

Outside the web apps/infrastructure automation, test automation domains, the performance lag becomes painful

Fine-grained control over Core resource abstractions provided by your OS
Huge variety of libraries

Easy to write clunky, ugly and hard to maintain code

Shell script:
Now that’s something like a compass, but with the additional functionality of somehow representing which hand you are holding it in. :-) Or a better metaphor would be the alethiometer that can tell the truth but has to be read by the right person in the right mindset.

As close to mathematical functions and sets your code can get.

package/library installation and maintenance is a hassle compared to python
Fast changing versions and dependencies
Lack of libraries that are stable across language versions.

incredible amount of control over a webpage’s DOM rendered in the browser

Syntax feels clunky and spaghetti-like mix of features.

Pros: The name and connection to moon.I have a bias for anything related to the moon :P
Cons: Not sure

And by the way starting June of this year(2013), am available for consulting oppurtunities. Some titles/roles i am interested in are hired keyboard,hired researcher, hired decision-making consultant, chief g(dh)yaan giver etc. …..
As for what i might fit in or am qualified for, i’ll leave that to you and your judgement(i would recommend reading around my blog for the same**wink**). And you can find a short version of my resume here
and a long version

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