Chennai first week impressions

I have been in Chennai for a week now, and still have trouble getting used to the high humidity along with the high temperature .Ofcourse, I have seen high humidity in Allahabad and mumbai, but then Allahabad and mumbai were still slightly different, while mumbai had a consistent breeze to counter the problem, allahabad had a less salty humidity. I guess these are all just minor changes my body should adapt to and the only reason, it hasn’t done so yet is me being in A/C most of the time. In any case, i can’t change it.

And ofcourse with the language(tamil) come back all the problems i had with it. i.e problems of vagueness.

But, what has blindsided me is my reaction to the tamil i hear and the conversations people try to draw me into and sometimes succeed. Damn it… Infact, i am overwhelmed by the amount of random ambient conversations/noise i understand. So much so that, i want to put up FM radio and tune in to a English/Hindi(akashvani??) channels.
Looks like there’s a breeze going on today, reportedly the start of North east monsoon in Chennai. Work has so far been dull. i.e to say most of the time has been spent setting up my system or fighting the internal IT team for their inefficiency. Or sometimes getting outright pissed off with Windows 7.. Got the code base + dependencies running on the development box.
Infact my target for the week ahead is to getting the basic VIP migration tool implemented in the basic form by the end of the week. From what i know of it, it seems like a cakewalk, but there are a couple of calls with John Sage, that might throw up a curve bal. Let’s see how things work out. Am sure if i put in extra effort i can pull it through in any case(i.e running a full test scenario in the test/dev boxes) we now have required routers to do the same. The week so far has been frustrating enough(since it has had very little coding so far.) I would like to get this done the next week, if only for relieving that frustration.

And God.. the roads are bad ..especially during the rains…. Guess being a port, roads require a lot more maintenance, but that’s no excuse for not maintaining it.
And god, i hate the unpredictability of chances of rain. I guess it’s part of being a port or a seaside. In the plains or hills, you can always say it’s gonna rain in a couple of hours, but here i have to check with the meterology department…


The first things that strikes one while watching a Quentin Tarantino movie is the music. How the bgm volume varies up and down, and in general is louder than other movies, and perhaps, how it’s an eclectic, surprising variety of music.. And that they know where to cut out bgm and just let the natural sounds play.. Kill Bill is brilliant for the very same reason. Not to mention how similar the Japanese sounds to my Tamil,Malayalam,kannada,Hindi trained ears and auditory cortex